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Singapore is a beautiful country that’s visited by millions for hundreds of reasons including the amazing places. There are different VISA rules applicable to the tourists depending on the type of VISA and the country you are coming from. Let us first brief you the options you get based on the country you are applying from, followed by the specific documents and procedure for the same. This information is for your information and should not be taken as an official documentation list because we are trying to help our readers find the information in a simple format. There are two categories of countries i.e. Assessment Level I Countries/Regions and Assessment Level II Countries/Regions and the documents, fees and most of the rules are the same for all the regions but the major differences are mentioned below.

If you are a passport holder whose travel documents are issued by any of the following countries, then you will require a Visa to enter Singapore. Do make a note that the Holders of Diplomatic, Official and Service passports are exempted from the visa requirements for a stay upto 30 days or 90 days depending on the country.

Assessment Level I CountriesRegions List
ArmeniaHolders of Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Travel Permit
BelarusPeople's Republic of China
Democratic People's Republic of KoreaTajikistan
KyrgyzstanHolders of Hong Kong Document of Identity
Assessment Level II CountriesRegions List
IranSaudi Arabia

Procedure to Apply for Visa:

To begin, you will have to submit your application online through SAVE (Submission of Application for Visa Electronically) that is handled through a local contact with SingPass account or if you are applying from overseas then through an authorized visa agent. Do make sure that you verify the agent before applying through the official Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website.

Documents Required:

There are different documents needed for the visa depending on the type of Visa you are applying. Following is a quick checklist on the same for someone who is visiting Singapore on a Business Visit for attending a conference or a business discussion / meeting.

  1. Fully completed Form 14A in Original
  2. Recent Passport-sized Colour Photograph, taken against a white background after removing headgear.
  3. Photocopy of the passport’s front & back pages where the bio is mentioned
  4. Fully completed Form V39A in Original which is Letter of Introduction for Visa Application
  5. A printout of the Singapore registered business entity’s detailed business profile that shows the names of the shareholders or directors. This has generated from ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

For travelers who are visiting Singapore on a Social Visit which would include tourism, meeting family, friends or relatives they should be applying with the following list of 5 documents.

  1. Recent Passport-sized Colour Photograph, taken against a white background after removing headgear.
  2. Fully completed Form V39A in Original which is Letter of Introduction for Visa Application
  3. Photocopy of the passport’s front & back pages where the bio is mentioned
  4. Fully completed Form 14A in Original
  5. Your local Singapore contact’s ID Proof that would include an original along with a photocopy.

Note: Apart from the above mentioned documents the officials might seek additional documents and information whenever necessary, hence it is recommended to apply for VISA in advance and do not opt for last minute application. Also if your documents are not in English, then you will have to share official translations of the documents.

Visa Processing Fees & Security Deposit:

A S$30 processing fees is collected from the applicant at the time of submission that is non-refundable even if you withdraw your application or even if the Visa is approved or not. You will also have to do a S$1000 security deposit in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee, Cashier’s Order or NETS and the same would be refunded after you submit a Direct Credit Authorisation Form, post clearance from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. The refunds on the security deposit will be provided to you in about four weeks time. For the Applications from Assessment Level II Countries, there is a security deposit between S$1000 to S$3000 application for the Level I Countries it is S$1000.

The processing time generally for the Visa is one working day excluding the date of submission, Saturday, Sunday and any public holiday, though as mentioned earlier we recommended to apply well in advance. Once the application is approved you need to get in touch with your local contact or the authorized visa agent who can print the e-Visa copy from the Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE) website. For the Assessment Level-II Country applicants, the Visa processing time is three working days

Transit Visa:

If you are flying to another country and have a stop in Singapore, then you can apply for a Transit Visa. Depending on the applicant’s country they are given Visa On Arrival (VOA), but that’s one way which means either on the onward or the return journey. You need to plan accordingly, and it is offered for a maximum of 3 days, and your passport would be stamped as a proof of the transit Visa issued. Visitors who are Nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent states, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkmenistan are granted entry in Singapore for a duration of 96 hours if the necessary documents are provided. It is important to cross check the details before your travel depending on the country you are visiting from, the transit time and which travel leg you wish to enter the country.

Additional FAQ:

Here are a few important frequently asked questions that are answered in case if you have any.

  1. What is e-Visa: It is a new visa introduced by ICA that allows you to get approved visa electronically without your need to visit the ICA building and collect it over the counter.
  2. Who can Apply for an e-Visa: Any nationalist from the Assessment Level I country can apply for this visa, you can refer to the top for the list of countries.
  3. How do I track my Visa status? You can easily follow that from the ICA website though the applications are processed in a days time.
  4. I have lost my e-Visa: You do not have to worry because you can reprint the same from the official website using the Status Enquiry option.
  5. I have seen ads on a site for Visa, should I apply through them? No. We would not recommend you to apply through any random service provider because you can easily apply for a Singapore Visa through an authorized agent.
  6. Is the e-Visa Print out Necessary? Yes, it is required for the customs clearance before boarding the flight. Always carry a physical copy of the same.
  7. My Passport has changed, how do I transfer the Visa? You can quickly obtain a new visa before your travel by visiting the Singapore Overseas Mission or any authorized agent.
  8. What is SAVE? Save is Submission of Application for Visa Electronically. This facility allows you to submit your application online& skip traveling for the same. You can visit the official website for the same.

Links for your Reference:

Useful Visa Tips for Applicants:

If you are applying for the visa for the first time, it is important that you apply well in advance & also ensure that you have the return flight tickets along with hotel reservation with you. The Visa is issued for a fixed time frame, and you cannot confuse this with an immigration pass and stay longer than the mentioned dates. If you overstay in Singapore, then it is an Immigration offense and will be prosecuted in court, or a fine would have to be paid. If you are a holder of a Visitor Visa, then you cannot indulge in any business or occupation related activities under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Cap. 91A).

The Visa is issued for a 30 days period that can be extended for one-time by another 30 days by the ICA though you will have to get in touch with them regarding the same. For any further questions, you can visit the official ICA website.

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